How To Attract A Man For Marriage

A lot of women want to find a good man to get married with. And the biggest, fattest, most juiciest question I hear being asked is, where have all the hot hunks gone?

We hear more and more women complain all the time about the growing trend of good guys who seem to have disappeared, and if they do find one, these men want to stay single!

It’s understandable that being single has its moments. But, there comes a point, sooner or later, we all come to that feeling where we want someone to share our lives with. Most women as they approach their thirties understand this and make themselves noticed that they want marriage now.

The best men, are the ones who are growing up to become the leaders of tomorrow. And they stay single longer because they are building their careers, and developing businesses. They see being in a committed relationship as a strain, hassle and risk to their freedom, friends, control of our social lives and business focus.

You would know that everyone chases after the best. It’s a status symbol thing. Think about why women carry expensive thousand dollar Italian leather handbags.

And it’s the same with men too! Men want to drive race cars, and hook up with the most intelligent and sexiest women they can get.

The best men have tons of money, power, and physique (because they can afford surgery if they get fat from all those luxury dinners). So it’s not uncommon for the best of those guys to be very selective of who they’re spending time with.

And here’s what I discovered by accident. The unvarnished truth is that all men want to be taken care of. Yes, even Mr. Perfect. And even the men who look like they can fight and kill a 800 pound gorilla with their bare hands melt by the gentle touch of a woman who wants to take care of him.

The good news is you don’t have to be like your man’s mom. But, know that there is a part of every man that wants to be able to put his guard down and be vulnerable again. If your man is a bit annoyed after a long day of grueling work, show him you care by giving him a foot massage, or back rub. Feed him his favorite snack. Pamper him, and he will melt in your arms and commit to you forever because no other woman has done such a thing for him.

All you have to do is show a man that you can take care of him. Support him with your actions. Tell him you believe in him no matter what. Men find that irresistible, and will develop and cement his loyalty to you and ask for marriage.

Accept the reality that there is no such thing as the perfect man for you, as you know the perfect woman doesn’t really exist either. If you follow this advice you won’t be stuck being single forever. When you truly love and support your man, you complete him. And automatically, he becomes the better man.

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