GenF20 Plus Review

A lot of times, we may not realize that we are deficient in growth hormone. So, we chug along day after day, without being aware that we are actually aging.

The fact of the matter is, we cannot afford to be lax, because once over 30, our bodies will no longer produce the same amount of hormones like it once did, and it is downhill all the way.

All the signs of aging start will start creeping up on us in a slow but steady fashion. This is the time to be proactive in impeding this process.

Simply wishing to stay young will not do anything – you need to take concrete measures on a daily basis if you wish to retain your youth for longer!

Although this is not an exhaustive list, these signs do indicate that aging is underway:

  • Increasing body fat
  • Deteriorating quality of sleep
  • Reduced energy to do normal activities
  • Declining muscle mass
  • Reduced exercise ability
  • Increased feelings of anxiety, depression, and social isolation
  • Declining sexual drive
  • Increased skin dryness

The thing about aging is that most humans adapt to the less-than-optimal health state brought about by aging without being aware of it, and this is what happens in the majority of cases. By the time, they realize they are already over the hill, is when they are already long past the crest, or peak of that hill!

A Simple Test To Gauge Your Aging

A useful yet simple test you can do at home to gauge your aging progression is to see how long you can stand on one leg with eyes closed, before falling over. To do this test, have someone nearby to catch you when you fall. Stand barefoot on a flat, hard surface with both feet together, and close your eyes.

aging test

Lift your left foot (if you are right handed, and vice versa if you are left handed) off the floor about 6 inches (15 cm), bending your knee at a 45 degree angle. Keep as still as possible throughout the test, and have the other person time you for how long you can stand this way without opening your eyes or falling over.

Repeat 3 times and take the average time. A young person aged 20-30 years old can usually stand on one feet with eyes closed for 30 seconds or more, a middle aged person (40-50) will average 18 seconds, while an old person aged 60-70 years old will quickly topple within a few seconds.

Slowing Down Aging Starts Now

Only by revitalizing yourself with a proper program of taking a HGH releaser like GenF20 Plus, stimulating your own growth hormone production, and undergoing the change to a much healthier lifestyle, will you begin to feel and notice the difference prior to, and after, your physical overhaul.

Depending on the amount of physical deterioration you have experienced, it may take a while before you can actually notice the change!

The important thing is to start now, and impede the aging process as soon as possible!

The Benefits of IGF-1 in GenF20 Plus

Did you know that Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (or IGF-1 for short) is actually very important if you desire to reap any benefits of a HGH based anti aging based program? IGF-1 is the metabolite of HGH, and the main way the body derives any benefit from HGH.

Any HGH that is secreted by the pituitary gland needs to be turned into IGF-1 in the liver before it can be used by the cells and the body. This is why GenF20 Plus has ingredients that contain a high level of IGF-1.

IGF-1 exerts most of the effects we see with HGH. The benefits of IGF-1 are similar to what you would get with HGH.

There are the usual benefits like:

  • Reduce fat
  • Increase lean body mass
  • Improve glucose metabolism
  • Assist in healing of wounds and tissue wear
  • Help to regenerate nerves
  • Rebuild bone mass
  • Help with muscle growth

IGF-1 acts like a regulator of HGH; when IGF-1 levels rise to a certain level in the loop, it signals the shutdown of HGH. But a “lag time” in this cycle means that HGH levels are usually highest at night, and IGF-1 levels are usually highest during the day. By supplementing IGF-1, many anti aging experts believe this can boost the overall HGH cycle.

There are two ingredients in the GenF20 Plus formula, which naturally contain high amounts of IGF-1. These are colostrum and deer antler velvet. Colostrum is the first milk that mammals (including man) receive from their mother. It is naturally fortified with antibodies and growth factors which aid growth, like IGF-1.

Deer antler velvet is the immature antlers of deer which is harvested just before they mature. During this stage of its development, the IGF-1 level in the antlers is at its maximum.

The high content of IGF-1 in the antlers explains why they grow so fast; in fact, deer antlers are the fastest growing type of mammal bone in the world.

Bodybuilders and athletes are firm believers in IGF-1, and that is why many take supplements to do just that (legally or otherwise).

By taking GenF20 Plus which contains these two nutrients, you are also increasing your own IGF-1 levels, which in turn should help bring about the results you desire (although you are doing it the all natural way)!


GenF20 Side Effects

Many people wonder what the side effects of GenF20 Plus are, but honestly speaking, there are none that I know of. If you undergo HGH injections, you might possibly experience some side effects since HGH is one of the most powerful hormones in the body, and getting direct injections of the hormone itself can trigger many unforeseen results.

But GenF20 Plus is different, because it works by encouraging the pituitary to go to work, but doesn’t force it to do anything. It doesn’t contain any HGH per se, and therefore, does not add to it in the bloodstream. It does contain IGF-1 because it is found in colostrum and deer antler velvet, but IGF-1 is a by product of HGH, and its presence appears to help stimulate production of HGH itself.

Some side effects of HGH injections that have been reported are carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention, acromegaly, diabetes, and cancer. These only occurred when the patient undergoing the injections took a higher dosage than he/she needed, either through self treatment (which is illegal by law) or was treated by an incompetent doctor.

At any case, these side effects are rare by themselves, but can occur as a result of undergoing injections – So beware of these if you are considering injections. On the other hand, when the body naturally produces HGH, it knows how to regulate and cut off any excessive levels.

GenF20 Plus is NOT tantamount to HGH injections, but an all natural way of inducing HGH release via stimulating the pituitary gland. So, the risk of any side effects is actually none (that I am aware of).

You might feel a little more stimulated (heightened metabolism feeling) after taking GenF20 Plus on an empty stomach, but that’s just about all the side effects you are going to get. Another possible side effect is mild diarrhea if you take too high a dose; any excess amino acids in poor form will cause this, but it is absolutely nothing to be worried about!

Take advantage or ride the wave of the heightened release of growth hormone in your body immediately afterwards, by indulging in your favorite sports – That is how it is meant to work.

GenF20 enhanced to GenF20 Plus

GenF20 has been upgraded to a better, more improved formula – GenF20 Plus. Basically, GenF20 Plus is the same as GenF20, but contains more ingredients now. That’s the only difference. The product and the website is still the same.

Some of the ingredients


Astragalus is a herb native to China. I have been using astragalus with good effect for some time, and it works in similar fashion to ginseng. It is not so “hot” like ginseng, and therefore, seems better than traditional ginseng (which can cause acne and increase body “heat”). Astragalus helps with improving the immune system and adrenal gland function.

Deer antler velvet

Deer antler velvet is a rich source of collagen and IGF-1. Collagen is a vital ingredient in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and the body produces less and less of this as you grow old.

Low collagen levels can be triggered by constant stress and poor diet. IGF-1 is a hormone by-product of HGH, which is manufactured by the liver from HGH in the bloodstream, and used by the cells; the body cannot use HGH directly, it has to be converted into IGF-1.


This famous herb is used in treating libido problems, and can help the body in producing DHEA, a prohormone that plays an important role in keeping aging symptoms at bay. DHEA has been used as a cheap HGH substitute by some people, although this seems to be because it actually stimulates the body to produce more HGH. Tribulus has a long history of usage in India and China for its health benefits.


Chromium is an important nutrient in glucose metabolism. In the context of HGH release, chromium helps to regulate blood sugar levels and its presence in GenF20 Plus is obvious – It helps to enhance the metabolism of blood sugar. By lowering blood sugar, this provides a more ideal environment for HGH release through the pituitary.

Personally, I do not see much radical changes in the new GenF20 Plus, and the added ingredients are not things that were sorely lacking in the original GenF20. The new ingredients account for the “Plus” I guess. But then again, you can’t say Albion is adding these extra ingredients to simply jack up the price of GenF20.

Although these new ingredients have been added into GenF20, the prices are still the same, and you still get huge savings by buying one of the saver packages. So, if I was looking for a quality HGH releaser, GenF20 Plus would still be it.

How long does it take to see results with GenF20?

How long does it typically take before one can expect to see results with GenF20? This depends a lot on your present health condition and age. What most people typically report is that it takes 3-6 months to see any positive results. This is also typical for any health supplement you take, be it vitamin pills or herbal tablets.

The reason that it often takes months is because the changes will only happen on a cellular level. As your pituitary is regularly prodded to produce HGH, the resulting increase only gains on an incremental level.

The release of growth hormone is taken up by your liver and binds onto growth hormone receptors which is then converted into IGF-1 and used by your cells.

If your pituitary is sluggish or atrophied, it may take a while to get it to be responsive again. Furthermore, if you generally practice an unhealthy lifestyle, it will also work against you.

Things like sleeping late; not getting adequate rest, smoking, drinking, and a poor diet deficient in nutrients are also major contributors to aging.

So it goes without saying, you need to get rid of any habits that suppress normal release of growth hormone. If your health has been compromised by an unhealthy lifestyle for years, you need to address it.

Another factor is age. The older you are, logically speaking, the less responsive your organs and glands are; the less efficient your organs function. The way to retrain and recondition your body is through gradual means, and this also invariably involves practicing a healthier lifestyle.

Dismissing the importance of health guidelines, while sitting in front of the TV for the whole day with a beer can in hand is not the way to effect changes in your life, no matter what therapy you undergo or supplements you take.

Even in the case of people who have the means to obtain a prescription, get a doctor, and pay for HGH injections, the results greatly depend on the aforementioned parameters: Health condition and age.

I would be dishonest if I proclaimed GenF20 as the miracle answer to all your anti aging woes, because it won’t work on autopilot IF you’re not willing to make changes to your health and lifestyle – Because like it or not, true health does not drop down from the sky without any effort on our part.

There is no way to force the process of regaining your health except through a patient, gradual, and sustained effort. But the advantages of using a quality HGH releaser like GenF20, along with making positive changes in your life will bear fruit in the long run; which while not dramatic, are real and will delight you.

Things like observing an improvement in your skin tone, better energy levels, and a renewed appetite for living are just some of the subtle yet delightful changes which creep up ever so subtly that you may not notice them initially, until perhaps 6 months later!

The study did not measure for a direct increase in HGH.

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